Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving: Stuffing

Thanksgiving is in three weeks. Are you prepared? Do you have plans? What are you making?

If you are in charge of the stuffing, don't forget about this perfect recipe.

And while we are here, what is your favorite, absolute must have Thanksgiving dish? Mine is sweet potato casserole. But more on that later.


Ann said...

Orange rolls. It's a family thing. And over the years cranberry chutney and Giada's mashed potatoes have also become mandatory.

Em Russ said...

dear miss tortillas... I made your "to die for" cornbread the other day and now have some buttermilk I need to use up. Any suggestions??

my favorite Thanksgiving dish is rolls. Homemade hot buttery fattening rolls. mmmm

(and wish we were having thanksgiving with YOU, by the way...)

Rebecca said...

Em--don't make me more homesick than I already am! Leftover buttermilk goes great in waffles, pancakes, biscuits (just google buttermilk biscuits). Miss you, Lady. Thanksgiving just won't be the same.

Jennifer said...

Hey Becca,
Do you happen to have a cranberry sauce recipe that you love?