Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cooking: Back from the Break

Hello again! I'm back! Not back with a vengeance, just back. And do you want to know what I was doing this summer? I'll show you.

That's right. Taking a break. No cooking. I succumbed to all sorts of sugar cereals, prepackaged bread (that lasts on the shelf for well over a week), fast food, Hostess bakery products, and last but not least: canned whipped cream--my personal favorite. But, my suitcases are exploded on my bed--now ready to unpack, and the girls have received their class assignments and are ready to buy school supplies. Now I am on the hunt for recipes that will make our Fall transition as tasty as can be. Which brings me to you. Do you have a favorite sandwich bread recipe? I don't care if it's white or wheat--I'm just looking for a tasty homemade sandwich bread that will make my girls smile. Please help. And happy end of summer to you all.