Monday, July 14, 2008

Dinner: Chips and Salsa (and lots of other stuff)

D has been traveling a lot lately. When he travels, our night time rituals slack, and dinner is no exception. My second child loves bean dip. So, a few weeks ago, I thought, "why not make bean dip into a dinner?" Fast forward to tonight. If you had walked into our kitchen at 6:36pm, here is what you would have seen:

Chips and Dip Dinner

Bowl of Tortillas Chips
Bowl of Guacamole
Bowl of Bean Dip
Bowl of Sour Cream
Bowl of Salsa
Bowl of Fresh Strawberries

Sounds strange. But as I watched my beloved chitlens munch on small chips with loads of beans and avocados, I thought, "well, this is a well rounded meal, if ever I saw one." 45 minutes later their tummies were full. So, another easy dinner that works for me.